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How to Elevate your Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

The terrazzo tiles started from the exterior and now crept into the interior, beginning with this fundamental fact. But now, it is a well-established fact the terrazzo flooring tiles are now a preferred choice for those who can afford the initial cost. Meanwhile, we have proven that this initial cost is eventually justified in the… Read More »

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

One of the most vital questions to ask when finishing up the home is tiles for floors and walls. And when it comes to the option of terrazzo tiles, the cost of installation and maintenance takes the front seat in that decision.  In some quarters, certain people who buy terrazzo tile believe that it is… Read More »

Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?

The acceptance of Terrazzo Tiles has wholly taken over the entire market, and many homes have embraced the elegance of Terrazzo. This composite material forms some unique touches to a building. All the elements including the Terrazzo tiles make the house elegant and beautiful to behold.  When Terrazzo tiles are used on walls, floors, basement,… Read More »

What is the Best Essential Oil Company?

If you’re new to essential oils, one of the first things you are probably wondering is “What is the best essential oil company ?” It’s overwhelming. I get it. I was brand new to essential oils not too long ago. There are SO many to pick from, and you can even get essential oils at… Read More »

5 Minute Pillow Craft using Chalk Couture

Have you ever spent a ton of money on craft supplies only to never use them because you don’t have time to make a said craft? Sometimes, we spend more time shopping for supplies than we do making crafts. It’s hard to make time for crafting, and let’s face it… sometimes it can be intimidating… Read More »

Free Online Art Lessons for Kids

Did school close due to Coronavirus? Join us for FREE online art lessons for kids (and adults). Ease some anxiety with art therapy, learn how to create awesome projects, and enjoy getting creative. FAQ How Do I Sign Up?-Please go to our YouTube “Subscribe”-Click the bell icon to be notified when we post new… Read More »

Get ABC Mouse for only $45 for the Year

The amount of resources for learning at home during the COVID19 pandemic is overwhelming, in a good way. So many amazing places are offering classes for free or at a deep discount. This coming week, I plan to highlight some of my favorite homeschooling and learning at home resources that are available right now. I… Read More »

Just Be Present

I can see the tension in your eyes, mama. The worry. The anxiety. Your mind is spinning with thoughts… Are we going to be quarantined? Will we be able to leave our house?What if we need groceries?What on earth are my children going to do for the next few weeks? What about their education?What do I tell… Read More »